Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Apparently I'm sexist. Enjoy.

Super-duper awesome amazingness:

Jillian Tamaki- easy to maneuver because of sidebar, beautiful quality images
Kris Atomic- good separation of categories, previews
Abigail Brown- high quality images, easy

Not so super:

Kehinde Wiley- I love his work , but I'm not a fan of scrolling over the paintings, it moves too fast, also my window isn't big enough to view some of the works in their entirety.
Michael Rytz- again, I like his work but figuring out the top menu thingy is weird
Takashi Iwasaki- my gosh his embroidery is amazing, but when you click on a work to see it large it takes you to a new page so you have to hit "back" to go back to the whole list of works, you can't hit next or anything

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