Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Budget (yuck)

I'm not so good with keeping track of my spending, and I get a lot of help from my parents with school related stuff, so some of this was hard to calculate.
Rent- $370
Studio Rent- none (school studio)
Bills- $40-100
Car expenses- nada
Loans- approximately $6,800 (cumulative)
Food- $150
Entertainment- $50
Clothes- $50
Art supplies- irregular from $50-150
Cable/internet- zippo
Phone- not sure
Insurance- on my mama's
Credit Card- none
Pets- none
I also spent about $130 this past month on applying to only 2 residencies, cost of printing out photos, shipping, application fee

So not counting paying back my loans and the amount spent on applications, and using the highest amounts where it fluctuates, that is $870 a month.
The only income I have during the school year is work study and any commissions/art sales I might happen across. During the summer I have a full time job and earn around $2,600 in total. Meaning it is pretty obvious that without my parents help I would be screwed!
So if I kept this lifestyle up, a 40 hour job paying $9/hour would definitely suffice at $1,440 a month. But of course that isn't taking into consideration the possibility of me getting a car, or loan payments.

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