Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lester Merriweather

Lester Merriweather might have been my favorite speaker so far (except maybe Hamlett Dobbins.) He didn’t have a power point, which made it more casual, but it wasn’t like he was floundering for things to say. He was well spoken and gave good advice and anecdotes, though it would have been nice to see examples of his work. Having him sit and not have a presentation made it easier to ask questions, which I think we (hopefully) asked more of this time.

Lester was also a good speaker to have because his history is closely related with ours being that he went to school at MCA, and we can relate to the experiences he had and how he used them to his benefit. I think it was really helpful to hear how hard he had to try, and re-try to get opportunities. Knowing that not all successful people are successful right off the bat restores my confidence. I also really appreciated how honest Lester was about using his contacts to his benefit, and how he keep up with all the people in the art world he meets, and because of that he gives other people opportunities while furthering his career at U of M and as an artist. I did find it rather amusing that he found us on facebook, but I certainly don’t mind. Generally Lester seemed really approachable and honest, which I find really helpful in terms of contacting him again if I decide to do so.

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