Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh my goodness, abstraction!

So I don't usually paint abstract. In fact I think this is the first time I have ever gone completely non-objective. I thought for a really long time about this painting before I started it because I was so nervous. I eventually decided to pick a simple color palette ahead of time and to do a repeating pattern. The only thing that really stuck from my first ideas was the palette, when I started actually painting it wasn't going as I wanted and I eventually got to the "fuck this" stage and just started doing whatever I thought might look cool. Which I think is the problem with a lot of abstract painting, since it is all arbitrary people go too crazy and it ends up being a big mess. I really like how mine turned out, though! Actually, it makes me smile when I think about it.


So I completed the clamshell today. They are really quite stressful to create because everything has to be measured and cut perfectly, which is pretty much impossible for me, but it still looks nice. I live the blue and gold book cloth, and the sheets I made for the inside of the clamshell are nice and simple, I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

my new papermaking project!!!

I am extremely excited about this one! We have been working on the same project all semester, which can be kind of frustrating, but at least I really like how mine is coming out. This project involved pulp painting(with sparkles in the pigment!) letter press, and watermark for the broadsides. I also marbled paper for the beginning and end, (not photographed yet,) and I am making a clamshell style box for it to be housed in. It is also pretty cool because my class is doing an exchange portfolio so I get everyone else's project, too! Though that of course meant that we had to do an edition of 12, which is quite a lot considering there are 5 panels.

P.S. Switch the order!! The panel with red type is first, and the one with the single bird is last!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is my most recent piece, I first made a collage and then worked the painting from the collage.
self portrait done from observation

I have recently been teaching myself how to create bobbin lace, so far only simple patterns. Stay tuned for a project incorporating lace and possibly some hand made japanese style paper.


I made these with the hopes of selling them as well, but alas not one of them sold. Luckily my Mama's church has a holiday bazaar so I passed them along to her, hopefully they will be more popular in Tallahassee.

holiday felt

I went in to factory mode to produce things to sell for my school's bazaar, and then pretty much nothing sold.
My first painting of the semester blending nicely with my studio.

My studio!


Current surface design work, silk screening pattern.
This is the cover of my project sketchbook
little card I made for a friend's birthday based off of William Morris


This is my project from last semester in papermaking which I made around my mixed feeling towards my hair. Yes, my hair. It is red. Which can be nice, but sometimes not so much.


So I like plaid a whole lot. Since taking this picture I have acquired at least 5 more plaid shirts. But I wear them, I promise! If there were an Evan Leggoe uniform it would definitely involve plaid.

I got this adorable tea set at a thrift store! The plates are a slightly stranger story, I was at an estate sale and the lady asked if I was from the art school, and when I said yes she showed my some prints she had and asked if I would color them in. I did, and when I returned them the next week, she said I would go far, and that I could pick something to take, so of course I went straight for these beautiful plates!

Old Paintings

The colors are a bit different in life, but you get the gist. Just some silly little guys floatin' around on flowers.
This was done for an assignment where I had to create 50 paintings, so I chose to do a kind of friend map.


I made these in one semester exploring the same concept of home and what I missed about Florida.

s'more surface design

Silk Scarf using gutta resist
My first embroidery

some old surface design experiments