Wednesday, January 5, 2011

final project for surface design

This piece is SERIOUSLY hand made, I pulled the japanese style paper myself, as well as made the lace and even the light box. I am pretty happy with it, though it could use some tweaks. Mainly I love the effect of the lightbox with the layers of paper and lace, I will definitely think about this for future projects.

Also as a general note, sorry about my crappy photo quality, I'm not sure if it is me or my camera, most likely a combination. I'm not sure what to do about it, though seeing s my work can't be scanned because it is so large.

final painting project '10

This project was supposed to revisit our first one, and the theme of exile, but we were supposed to work towards abstraction. I decided since I have trouble abstracting, mainly because I overwork, that I would do multiple small pieces and have a time limit. This worked okay for some of them and not so much for a finished project being that each panel has a figure, not really lending to a feeling of exile. oops. It's not a total loss, I really do like some of them. Mainly the ones I spent about 20 minutes on. The last picture is my studio just to show you how big the pieces are in relation to one another. The full abstract piece is 3x3' which was the smallest we could make anything, unless the total square feet added up to that.

more of course

Strangely enough, these two were early paintings in the semester, but I kept wanting to rework them so I didn't want to put up pictures. I did end up reworking the top one quite a bit. I didn't really get a good picture of it, and apparently it was my weakest of the semester according to my teacher. I tried to make this one fit my ideas more in terms of fantasy and pattern becoming real, but i guess it was too much or something. The bottom one has a color palette and composition I am pretty happy with, but I really didn't get the figures proportional. And it was pretty stressful for me having live models at my personal disposal, especially ones who also paint and whose opinions I care about.