Thursday, March 22, 2012

more bags

I've been listening to Harry Potter on tape and sewing a whole bunch. Making these bags is pretty satisfying I must say. If you want one, let me know, I think $25 would do the trick.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I used to make little purses for friends when I was younger, but haven't sewn anything of that nature in quite a while. I wanted to make something that would be potentially sellable and fun to make, so I decided to go for it. I'm making them much better than I used to, too. Actually lining them and ironing seams and whatnot so they are actually good sturdy bags. Plus I have a ridiculous amount of fabric which needs to be put to good use. I think I'm finally going to start an etsy account and maybe I will put these on there, though starting up the account is rather intimidating.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Self Promotion

I am about to head up to Durham, NC to scope it out for jobs and basically to figure out if I want to live there. I have a couple friends at UNC who are very encouraging and so I am very excited and hopeful. I'm nervous about driving 10ish hours by myself but I've got cheez-its and Harry Potter book tapes. I'm also nervous about just walking into businesses and handing out my resume and portfolio, I don't have much experience selling myself and my work to strangers. But I have super cute business cards and I sewed together these little "look-books" one is more painting and one more illustration based. Wish me luck in finding a job! (And if you have any advice or places for me to go, please let me know!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

felt happy

So a clever boy reminded me that my felting stuff sells super awesome, and thus I should be using my immense amounts of free time to make new creatures. And so I have. Felting always takes way longer than I want it to, making appendages can get tedious and painful with that scary needle I use. I actually already sold the last one (with the pink eyes) and I think I'm going to join my mother selling our creative labors at the Jewish festival here in Tallahassee to hopefully sell the rest.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Here are a couple more silly watercolors. My mom requested the family portrait of us and our kitties, and I'm pleased with how it came out. And it seems like a great gift idea for the future/ something people would maybe want to commission from me. Since of course everyone loves to see themselves cartoonized.