Friday, September 28, 2012

I've been working quite a bit in my sketchbook while being in Ireland since it is quite convenient, I didn't bring much in the way of art supplies except watercolors and embroidery. I'm feeling unoriginal at the moment, though. It's impossible not to be influenced by what you see, but I worry maybe I am just regurgitating all the stuff I like that other people do. Maybe not, I don't know. And really, everyone does it to a certain extent. Anywho I need to sort that out for myself, but I thought I would share Seo Kim's tumblr. I just found her today and looked at every page and I just love it! Being a fellow artist and cat lady, her little comics seem eerily close to my own life and oh so hilarious. This situation with the oreos has happened to me multiple times, though I wish it had not.

I should number sketchbook posts

                     There are a lot of apple trees and a couple pear trees here and I'm loving it.

                                                              This is how I feel.

This one is based off a picture of the "Sisters G" I found on Shorpy, if you aren't aware of it, you are now. You're welcome.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


 I have a habit of not basing my illustration type work off of anything which is pretty contradictory, so I am going to make an effort. The first image was obviously inspired by the fashion spread I put below it, and the second I made from a still of Twin Peaks, which I am re-watching. The last one is from Love in the Time of Cholera which I am reading, I will watch the movie when I am finished with the book. I don't want any plot spoilers and I'm not sure if the movie was any good, but the book sure is.

I wish I was a florist

I've always wanted to try my hand at arranging flowers, but haven't had much opportunity. Flowers are expensive and though my mom has a great garden there isn't all that much to create bouquets with. Here in Ireland, however, I am finding tons of interesting plants so I am going to try and make arrangements on a regular basis.

old sketchbook

These pages are from the sketchbook I took on my trip abroad last summer, which I realized I had never photographed. Since I didn't completely fill the sketchbook, which tends to happen often, I brought the same sketchbook with me to Ireland this year. I realize that that one page says Paris England Ireland and two of those are countries and one is a city. I am not stupid, but we travelled around Ireland and England whereas in France, we were only in Paris. So there.

Friday, September 14, 2012

for other people

Sometimes being an artist with friends and family who like your work can actually be stressful. They don't always realize that being an artist means that creating art is your trade, what you are supposed to get paid for. Instead they think "I would really like this drawing/painting/sculpture/knick knack etc and Evan is an artist so she can do it for me" Yes, I can. Maybe I will give it to you as a present later on down the line, but sometimes I would prefer it if I was getting paid or doing some kind of trade. Not to say that everyone I know is like this, I definitely get paid for my work and do real commissions with people I do and don't know. But I think I should try and turn things down in the future. I love giving gifts of my art, but I also like it when people don't take it for granted, which makes me whiney, which is not good.

Monday, September 10, 2012

These are the last ones I made before leaving for Ireland. I got here this morning and it's gorgeous if a bit wet and cold. I'm feeling pretty sluggish from the day of travel and I'm pretty sure my body is confused since I jumped from 90 to 50 degree weather, though the humidity is about the same. I went outside when the rain ebbed, but I haven't taken pictures. I also wanted to let you readers know that I set up a paypal account through which I can do sales, so let me know if you are interested in something!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

tunes 3

Beat Happening. What a wonderful band. I'm sure I don't have every track they ever recorded, but I absolutely love everything I have heard. I don't think I can pick a favorite either since so many of their songs have different moods, from mildly depressing to pop perfect, I love 'em.



So I've hopped on the nail-art bandwagon a bit and here are the results. Generally though, it's just too darn stressful to take that much time on my nails.