Friday, September 14, 2012

for other people

Sometimes being an artist with friends and family who like your work can actually be stressful. They don't always realize that being an artist means that creating art is your trade, what you are supposed to get paid for. Instead they think "I would really like this drawing/painting/sculpture/knick knack etc and Evan is an artist so she can do it for me" Yes, I can. Maybe I will give it to you as a present later on down the line, but sometimes I would prefer it if I was getting paid or doing some kind of trade. Not to say that everyone I know is like this, I definitely get paid for my work and do real commissions with people I do and don't know. But I think I should try and turn things down in the future. I love giving gifts of my art, but I also like it when people don't take it for granted, which makes me whiney, which is not good.

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