Friday, September 28, 2012

I've been working quite a bit in my sketchbook while being in Ireland since it is quite convenient, I didn't bring much in the way of art supplies except watercolors and embroidery. I'm feeling unoriginal at the moment, though. It's impossible not to be influenced by what you see, but I worry maybe I am just regurgitating all the stuff I like that other people do. Maybe not, I don't know. And really, everyone does it to a certain extent. Anywho I need to sort that out for myself, but I thought I would share Seo Kim's tumblr. I just found her today and looked at every page and I just love it! Being a fellow artist and cat lady, her little comics seem eerily close to my own life and oh so hilarious. This situation with the oreos has happened to me multiple times, though I wish it had not.

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