Saturday, April 23, 2011


These continue on the same series as the last diptych. I am very pleased with them, I feel like I've finally made the breakthrough I was waiting for. I have gotten down to the minimal amount of information I need. I think next I'm going to do small ones.

Monday, April 18, 2011


One of the requirements of my painting seminar class is to have a show. Unfortunately for me I should have tried harder to find a more legit space rather than my apartment, but I didn't want to pay to use a gallery. I put up posters around MCA so hopefully people will show up. The bottom picture is a peak at some of the work that I will be hanging. If you are in Memphis I better see you Friday!
Plus I'm going to be baking cookies and decorating eggs all day in preparation.


(detail shot)

Because of my watercolors I decided to try and achieve some of the same washy effects, and use the negative space in my oil painting. It was hard because it means that as soon as I cover up the white, I can't get it back, so I had to work more purposefully. In addition to the washy paint, there are areas of super thick paint that don't show up in the photos. Also this is what my studio is lookin' like currently.


Based this piece off a photo Anna took while we were down at St. Joe last summer. I am of course having trouble photographing it, there is quite a bit of texture you can only see in person. Though I'm pretty happy with it, looking back at the first stage makes me want to go back and adjust the ground, maybe make it bolder, and more cohesive with the top half of the painting.