Sunday, December 5, 2010

my new papermaking project!!!

I am extremely excited about this one! We have been working on the same project all semester, which can be kind of frustrating, but at least I really like how mine is coming out. This project involved pulp painting(with sparkles in the pigment!) letter press, and watermark for the broadsides. I also marbled paper for the beginning and end, (not photographed yet,) and I am making a clamshell style box for it to be housed in. It is also pretty cool because my class is doing an exchange portfolio so I get everyone else's project, too! Though that of course meant that we had to do an edition of 12, which is quite a lot considering there are 5 panels.

P.S. Switch the order!! The panel with red type is first, and the one with the single bird is last!!

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