Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tracy Lauritzen Wright

I found Tracy Lauritzen Wright’s lecture very helpful as I have been thinking about Museums as a possible place to find a career. I wasn’t sure how you get into museum jobs, and she shared that there is a museum studies program but that curators often have a doctorate in something like art history. I wish I had thought about these kinds of jobs earlier, maybe I could go to grad school or find an internship that can get me into the field. Tracy got into museum work through an internship she obtained because of her German language skills. It sees that internships are the way to get jobs, so I should get on that.

Tracy was a good talker, nice and speedy. I was glad she shared detail about how her life developed, in terms of the random job at the German museum, to her time in Hungary, to the failed attempt at living in New Mexico. Her experiences seemed more realistic to what most of us will experience. She also shared how hard she tried to get the job at the Civil Rights museum, sending out applications everywhere she could, and constantly checking up on the possible employers. Tracy even admitted that though she was a double major, she didn’t do any career planning. Generally it was a good talk, very to the point and helpful.

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