Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Well, I'm on a blogging rampage today. My job is over (yay and oh-no at the same time) so now I have the energy to think about art stuff again. Trying out some new stuff with necklaces, though I like the result of the peach necklace, I can't seem to get it to sit right with the brooch attached. I wish I was as talented as the ladies at Elva Fields, or that I could get an internship with a company like that. I found those amazing silver cat eye glasses at Goodwill and they seem so appropriate with the necklace, I will probably get my prescription in them eventually like with my blue frames.
On another note, a few weeks ago I took at private workshop with a local enamel artist, Kathy Wilcox. It gave me the chance to learn to use the kiln as well as Kathy's special technique of screening the enamel powder. I of course didn't get to make as much as I wanted to, but enameling can be such a time consuming process. It was a great experience and I will make sure to share the finished projects I make with these.

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