Monday, December 9, 2013

tunes for walking

So when I walk to work in the morning I love to sing along to my music, it's not a very populated path and I get it out of my system before I am surrounded by coworkers who may not enjoy my singing as much as I do. When I really want to (pretend to) belt it out, it's Neko Case all the way. She is the coolest chick around. I saw her live for the first time and she was positively fantastic and endearing and bad ass. Her new album is great, you should give it a listen.

This is one of those songs that makes me want to dance and feel like I'm cooler than I am. It gets me pumped and prepared for work.

I listen to Rilo Kiley ridiculously a lot. In fact, all Jenny Lewis ventures are good with me. When I'm feeling angsty (which seems to be a lot these days), it's Jenny all the way. Rilo Kiley put out an album of never released tracks (Rkives) this year to the extreme happiness of obsessives such as myself.

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