Monday, May 14, 2012


That first picture is one I took. I found those amazingly awesome candles at a garden shop in Memphis months ago but didn't buy them because I couldn't think of a use for super skinny tall candles. Then I realized my birthday is coming up so I went back and got them deciding to make myself a fabulous birthday cake. I also decided to throw myself a garden party because the last few years I have had rather disappointing birthdays. I'm thinking I will actually make decorations and tasty treats and require my poor friends to dress up and play croquet and maybe I will even make a special cocktail. Something involving grapefruit or lemon, perhaps.

Also I forgot to share that I know have some work for sale in Memphis at the 477 store located in the Memphis College of Art graduate building on Main st. So if you are in Memphis stop by and you can ogle my purses, necklaces and some watercolors as well as some other beautiful stuff by my fellow alumni of the school.

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