Thursday, May 3, 2012


So even though I was technically a painting major I find myself looking at illustrator portfolios more than anything else. I seriously have over 100 illustrators' websites saved on my computer. Maybe it's because I harbor dreams of being hired as an illustrator, but there are so many crazy talented ones out there I'm not sure I stand a chance.
Justin Gabbard is so super talented. I especially love his portraits, the planes of color he uses are gorgeous and give such interest to the work. Color is generally what attracts me to someone's work, and with him it is no different.

Wishcandy (Sashiko Yuen) is a new find and favorite. I have always been a fan of cute and mildly disturbing images, and wishcandy feeds right into that love. Her girls are such badasses I just can't resist them, in fact I wish I was one. The titles of her work are smart and she still does a lot by hand which I appreciate. Also I just read this interview and we pretty much have the same exact taste in music which makes me feel a little cooler.

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