Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In the next year or so I would like to gain experience outside of the academic setting. Ideally this would mean getting a residency, but if not, than I will try to find a job, preferably to do with something I am interested in. Maybe in a local handmade goods shop or a museum, and/or interning.

Within the next 2 years I want to choose and attend a graduate school. First I will need to decide what I want to go for. If I want to teach college, that would mean continuing in fine art, if I want to teach high school, I would need to go for teaching, and if I want a museum job that would be a different program.

After or even during grad school, so potentially in the next 3-6 years I want to have a career. This will probably be dictated by whatever I decide to pursue in school, or I guess whatever I find. Another career possibility I m interested in is having a small business selling handmade craft and art, this would be something I would probably need to partner with someone, or another business to be feasible.

In the next 5ish years I would like to try living out of the country, or at least to travel more, maybe I will look for a grad school out of country.

About a year or two after I am done with grad school I would like to have found a place to settle down, before that though, I would like to live in multiple places and possibly explore the US more to figure out where I would want to live.

I realize that some of these might overlap, and thus my timeline might not be realistic but I think I can accomplish all of these if I can just make my mind about what I want.

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