Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Our first assignment and real interaction with each other was this past week. Maybe it wasn’t so much interaction as a chance to learn about each other, which was great. I thought everyone did well, though I must say it was hard for me to stay quiet sometimes, I really wanted to talk and critique the artwork more than the presentations themselves. Good old MCA has me all trained up in that regard. Though sometimes I feel that I’m the only one who wants to share my opinions. I know I wasn’t the only one to talk, but hopefully we will get comfortable quick because discussion is important. Especially because we are learning how to present ourselves professionally and making good first impressions is key to success. Strangers are going to be more judgmental out of convenience so I’m happy to get the chance in this class to attempt to become comfortable with the business end of life.

The presentations held my interest, though there was definitely variation in the ease with which some people spoke, and of course in the kind of work shown. I’ve had multiple classes with some of my classmates and so I’m very familiar with their work, but mostly I was excited to get a chance to see the full depth of everyone’s work. Generally I think this was a valuable assignment to help us in the future when critiquing each other’s assignments since we now know where everyone is coming from. Hopefully next time we will all be a bit more forthcoming in not only taking about our own work, but about our classmates’ as well.

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