Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greely Myatt

I had seen Greely Myatt’s work before we went to David Lusk Gallery this week. It was when there were multiple shows all around Memphis, including the Brooks, featuring Myatt. At the time I enjoyed the work I saw, but I wasn’t sure of the conceptual background. I felt kind of the same way at the gallery, I enjoy the speech bubble pieces, and I can guess at concept, but I meant to ask him so I could really find out. I do think he doesn’t even know what some of his works are about because he is enjoying experimenting with the materials, which I think is fine. Especially since he knows it. I definitely feel like we talked more about formal construction versus concept, I guess I should have asked a better question or something. Though he did have a habit of starting off trying to answer the question but moving into a different, only semi-related subject. Sometimes I just wanted a straightforward answer, especially to the “business of art” related questions, because he was a bit vague where I wanted specifics.

Myatt was very easy going, not intimidating to ask questions, which was good practice for our first visit outside of the classroom. I definitely think we all need to work on better questions, though. He was very open and his work is very fun to look at, but maybe we need more controversy to bring out better questions or something. It was definitely a good experience, and I’m glad to have finally gone in the David Lusk Gallery because, I’m ashamed to admit, I hadn’t before.

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