Monday, November 25, 2013

flowers in action

Since I can't take pictures right now I thought I would share photos that the professionals took! I love seeing the photos they take because often we leave before the guests arrive, and don't witness the event. I'm especially impressed with the pictures from this one because we actually set up everything in the pouring rain only to then move it indoors, but it turned out lovely in the end!

This is one of the first big pieces I ever did and I shared pictures before, but of course on the photographer's site there are better ones!

This was a small wedding that I did all the flowers for, but didn't help set it up, so seeing the pictures was especially exciting. I mean the bride is seriously gorgeous, and the crown and bouquet compliment her so well! But that's just my humble opinion.

These ladies were seriously sweet. I caught them giving the nicest talk to the caterers right before the ceremony thanking them for all they do, and as a person who works in the event business, I know that getting thanks like that is really rare and tells you how thoughtful a person is. I actually had my mama helping me with this one since she was in town, too! Pictures here.

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